The Legend of Sanji Part 2 Out

2009-04-05 03:50:42 by abdur17

Finally, part 2 of this crazy crossoverof one-piece and mario is out. I hope that you enjoy this movie.

Legend of Sanji Part 1 Out

2009-02-08 14:09:18 by abdur17

Finally, the first part of my One Piece Mario Series is out and you guys can watch it. The bad news is that it get out of sync with some of the lines and i tried everything to fix that. I hope that you guys enjoy it.

First Flash Movie is Out( Not the Major Project)

2009-01-30 00:11:16 by abdur17

My first Flash Movie is out but don't expect a lot.Its short and this is what i did when i first got flash. Its called when Shy Guys Attack and its not my greatest thing i did but its a start. My first Major Flash Film(called the Legend of Sanji) will be out next month. Look for that one next month.

First Sprite Movie Next Month

2009-01-26 21:53:10 by abdur17

Hello Everybody. After months of hard work with sprites, I will finally released my first flash film to new grounds. I wont tell you what its about but it has to do with a Mario and One Piece crossover and will have voice actors in it. I hope that i can get it on time to see how you guys like Mario parody's because i do also. This parody is different thought and is very similar to Bowser's Kingdom.