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This was just to funny and clever, I did not except Evil K to be (bleep). Evil Ken was just to funny to because hes usually a good guy,lol. Overall, That was a nice crossover with video game characters, it mixes the story really well. I hope you make more and add some more characters because it will make the story more crazy. Keep up the good work.


This was the worst collab i have ever been on Newgrounds. I seen some bad cartoons, but nothing like this. The voices were horrible and Mickey voice in the menu screnn just made me laugh because of how bad it was. Comick's segment was the only one that I liked, but the best animation was the steamboat wille segment because it looked just like the orinigal but done on that, but the joke was unfunny and just messed up the entire segment( and i do believe that Mickey talked in that cartoon). I thought that since this was a Disney Collab, it was going to be the best, but i was dead wrong. I think Eporaptor, Appsro, Wonchop, and Kirbopher would had done a way better job then this piece of shit. The Prostitute Mickey Series is better then this. i hope that you learn from your mistakes because you guys have a long way 2 go.


THAT WAS AMAZING!!!! The animation was top notch and that was even better then the Pokemon anime and the movies. The fight was amazing, and i can even compare it to a One Piece or a DBZ Fight. I never really seen a Pokemon battle so intense before and that was a fight that i enjoyed. Also, i like how you use a pokemon that people liked because Lucario is my favorite Pokemon because of his design and his move set.l I really want to see more fights like that from you in the future. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!

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This is Great!!!!!!!!

ganon95 responds:

glad u like =]


I love it. U have to make more of these.

BlueFlameDude responds:

k i will

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